Christmas Lights “Spectacular”

Christmas in Madeira is always magical, and this year looks better than ever….
Funchal will have a whole new lot of lights this year, which promise to amaze and use latest technology.
Architect Paulo David has been dreaming of this to happen since he was 6 years old, and this morning at a press conference  for the ministry of culture tourism and transport the dream was unfolded.
One of the changes is the creation of illuminated in various town squares with elements inspired by the architecture of Funchal ‘ceilings’. For example, at the quay will be recreated the structure of the roof of the main altar of the Cathedral. The main downtown buildings will have your outline highlighted with strings of lights.
Another feature will be for the public to change the colour of the lights with a mobile application, this will happen at Largo da Cruz Vermelha.
The work of artistic creation and preparation of data sheets comes to a cost of 98,000 euros, and the construction and installation will cost around 2,000,000 euros, with a contract valid for 2 years 
(2x Christmas 2 x New Year 2 x Carnival)
lights lights lights lights lights lights lights lights lights
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