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Madeira’s Young Talent

I have been sent this from one of Madeira’s talented artists.
Momma D will be performing just before kick off at the Nacional – Benfica game on 9th November. Here is a little bit about her. She wrote it in Portugues, I have just Google translated it, I hope it makes sense. 
Diana Raquel Gonçalves Caldeira, 16 years of age. I grew up surrounded by music, my uncle is one of the great musicians of Venezuela which encouraged me to sing and play instruments, guitar and drums since age 5. I like all kinds of music, but  POP Music and Dance is what I like the most. My first single, Flammable, was written by me and produced by a British producer who worked with and works great British names. I already have some experience in front of cameras, to be dealing with a large audience on stage and also I have done radio. I will soon travel to the UK to work with music producers, radio, videoclips. https://www.facebook.com/mommadofficial