Weather update Friday 23.00

The island is still being battered by winds rain and high waves on the north and Porto Santo.
2 tourists were injured when rocks fell on a mini bus carrying 8 tourists at Eira do Serrado, they were attended to on site suffering from bruises and abrasions. The road was closed.
Rock falls and trees falling on electrical and telephone lines are also causing some problems around the island.
A lot more rain this side of the Island tonight (Caniço) and a few rumbles of thunder earlier.
A few flights have been cancelled today, but otherwise the airport has been coping pretty well.
The photo below is from  Calheta in Porto Santo
Mario Pedro Brios
Some wind speeds recorded around the island.
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Update Saturday 2pm

Temperatures dropped to a low of 0.4 degrees on Pico do Areeiro last night, resulting in a small amount of snow falling.

A crane in São Martin fell last night destroying some allotments and an unused building, the safety of the crane had already been highlighted to the authorities in Funchal and on social networks, but nothing was done. No one was hurt but if it had happened during the day then people could well have been working on their land.
accident accident accident

Photos from Diario Noticias

A good video of the weather in Porto Moniz yesterday, everything was closed in Porto Moniz which saw some of the biggest waves and strong winds.

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