Madeiran found dead in London

A 57-year-old male from Machico was found dead in London, in the city of Crawley, where he lived.

His absence was noted in the Portuguese community of Crawley about a month ago, mainly by friends and acquaintances who frequented the same cafe as him. About a week and a half ago there was an alert from family members living in Madeira with the Portuguese community of Crawley to report his disappearance.

The family began to suspect that something strange was happening to their relative at Christmas time and tried to contact him but got no signal.

According to the Diário Notícias from family members, the man was sick and was undergoing dialysis in one of the city’s hospitals.

So far it has not been possible to know where the dead man was found and what the outline of the situation was.

Taken from Diário Notícias