Man who hanged himself in Caniço had tried to throw himself off the Porto Novo Bridge

The 40-year-old man who hanged himself yesterday, Sunday, in a house on the site of Mãe de Deus, in Caniço, was the same man who on the 17th January night had threatened to throw himself off the Porto Novo Bridge, on the expressway. 

The suicide attempt, at the time reported by AgoraMadeira, was prevented by a PSP agent who managed to talk the man from the act.

Just over a week later, the worst has happened.

The man leaves a younger daughter.

Also in Funchal today another suicide of a 40 year old man, found by his brother at their home.

Terrible to think that there is no help for these people, or support in any way. Something the government just ignor, and not make it their problem.