Madeira begins to prepare resources to respond to possible coronavirus outbreak

Rooms with negative pressure and isolated areas are necessary resources to face an outbreak of this virus.

SESARAM and IASaúde were meeting this morning in order to outline internal and external pathways to the health system to respond to an eventual coronavirus outbreak, which remains very centralized in the area of ​​China, with few cases at European level .

Despite the few cases recorded in Europe, Madeira is beginning to prepare for an eventual coronavirus outbreak. “We are trying to prepare a route that is easier and more effective,” said Herberto Jesus to journalists, at the end of the meeting.

The chairman of the IASaúde board of directors explained that, in the event of a coronavirus case, it is necessary to take into account a series of procedures and have several materials and equipment available. Rooms with negative pressure and isolated areas are just a few examples, to which are added the drugs, oxygen, protective suits and masks, which are important for the system. In conjunction with the Ricardo Jorge Institute, Madeira also already has laboratory capacity.

From DN