Ponta do Sol PSD Council “regrets” poor communication by the Government

With other faces, but with the same mistake. The Ponta do Sol PSD council “regrets” that the Regional Government through the Regional Secretary for Fisheries “did not enlighten the population in advance before announcing the installation of the aquaculture project” for the locality as it happened in 2018, he recalled.

The president of the municipality, Juvenal Silva, makes it clear that “we are not against investment as long as certain criteria are met”, namely “environmental impact”, hence he suggests that the government pay attention to the area to install the project before authorising the initiative.

“We hope it is in the S1 area and not in front of the village”, suggested the leader, remembering that this maritime area that he defends is located on the Praia dos Anjos coastline, thus being more protected and less visual.

Taken from DN