Grub up Tuesday

Grub up Tuesday

If you ever travel to the far East side of the Island, then I highly recommend a stop at Aquarium in Caniçal.

A very popular and busy place, especially weekends, it can be so busy at lunchtimes you might have to wait for a seat.

Lunchtimes during the week are also very busy as they do a plate of the day. Normally they have a couple of choices and the price of around 5-6 euros.

Food and drink is very good value, I enjoy the Espada with Banana, served with salad and boiled potatoes, and its only €9.00. Drinks are also very cheap, and the average bill for 4 people with a bottle of wine, and starter or dessert will come to around €60.00. They do great range of meals and snacks, and you can find the place on the front of Caniçal, they also have plenty of parking.

While on that side it’s well worth a look the natural sandy beach of Prainha, great views looking down on the beach just from the car park. Also, make a stop at Quinta do Lorde, and a walk along the Marina, and see the great views from around the lighthouse.

Then on to Ponta Sâo Lourenço for the views and the popular walk, if you feel in the mood for this, the walk takes about 3-4 hours in total with a refreshment stop at the forest guards station.

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