Surfing in Madeira – 20% Discount

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Welcome to Surf Clube da Madeira. This is what it’s like surfing with us…

We take you on a long surf trip to the beautiful beaches of the east side of the island, where you can surf along with your classmates until there are no more waves and after that, join us in having a delicious traditional meal and drinks in the local restaurants.

We have over 20 years of experience in teaching Surf, and we want to share this way of life with you, your family, and friends.
We want you to have fun, with maximum safety!

Who we are.

The Surf Clube da Madeira was founded more than 20 years ago by Miguel Costa and Marco Ferreira, two friends that fell in love with

the surfing way of life and the holistic experience that is being in the ocean with yourself and a surfboard.
What we are all about
Every day going to the beach and on to the waves with our students, we have a very clear mission… to make people fall in love with surf and nature.
We aim to provide the most awesome experience that you could possibly have with this massive force of nature that is the Ocean,
by teaching you to surf you grow a very deep understanding of how the tides and the waves work. In doing so, you learn
how to harness the energy of the waves and improve your surf skills.
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