Job Vacancy with Connecting Software

Nearly three years ago we went to Madeira for the first time. We arrived as visitors and fell in love with this beautiful Island. We longed to escape the cold winters, the crowded cities and the Stress in the industrial areas.

We thought so many times about how it would be to work in a perfect place! This was a dream we had.

We did not want to wait until my retirement to be in Madeira, so we gave it a chance and moved parts of our business to Madeira. We started to work with locals and also international people who love to be on this island as much as we do.

We never regret taking this step, and now we want to invite you, your friends or family to take this step as well. Fortunately, we are working in the IT industry, and we modified our business model so it can work all over the world without being physically present.

Why don’t you do the same? We are looking for free-minded people who have the guts to refresh their lives and come to start a new way of living and working.

Join an international team of software professionals and help us to make our dream – your dream come true. Let’s become even more successful and happy together.

If you read until here, please check these open positions and if you know someone or if you fit into one of them, please forward or apply. Remember, there is a great plus to working in Madeira: you do not need a budget for holidays, as you are already in the perfect holiday destination!

We are currently a team of 15 people here and want to grow to 20 by the end of this year – are you one of them?

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