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The lack of personnel at Lar da Bela Vista has left employees saturated, who are forced to redouble their efforts to respond to excessive work during shifts, as reported by JM in January. However, the situation is not exclusive to operational assistants, but also affects nurses at this institution.

After the publication of the news, on January 21, new complaints and reports of overwork came to the newspaper due to the reduced number of nursing professionals and the constant turnover of staff.

The departure of some nurses to join the SESARAM staff, last December, only worsened a precarious situation that had been going on for several months. In certain shifts, they guarantee, there are only two nurses for a total of nine floors, which means that each professional can be responsible for more than 100 patients.

This Monday, Lar da Bela Vista receives two more new nurses, a number that the same source says is still insufficient, given the current capacity of the institution.