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The Regional Secretary for the Environment, Natural Resources and Climate Change, Susana Prada, opens this Tuesday, at 12:30 pm, the leisure areas of Fonte do Bispo and Cruzinhas.

All over the Region, the forest areas have a series of leisure and enjoyment zones for the population, which are culturally very important for the Madeiran population, where walks, picnics and gatherings are made. Aware of this importance, the Regional Government started the requalification of the areas of greatest affluence, investing in support infrastructures.

The Fonte do Bispo Leisure area is composed of a large picnic area surrounded by a Laurissilva forest spot. It has public parking, public sanitary facilities, camping area and the Fonte do Bispo Forest Post.

The works carried out consisted of the recovery of the barbecue shelter and the reconstruction of the fireplace; recovery and placement of sets of tables and benches, execution of wooden fences in the picnic area; recovery and improvement of sanitary facilities and construction of the septic tank.

In the leisure area of ​​Cruzinhas, the barbecue shelter and the reconstruction of fireplaces and the recovery and placement of sets of tables and benches were recovered.

Capable of serving as a reserve for fire fighting, both for the supply of fire fighting vehicles and helicopters, the Fonte do Bispo water reservoir was also the target of recovery work.

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