Diogo Silva, 30, who was violently assaulted on Sunday morning, in the public area in front of the ‘Vespas’ disco, is already at home. Since the barbaric aggression perpetrated by the young Lourenço Furtado, 18, the victim has been assisted three times in the hospital and remains under surveillance – JM found out.

As already confirmed by the Regional Command of the PSP of Madeira, victim Diogo Silva and his family formalized on Sunday afternoon a complaint against the aggressors. According to the elements that are being dealt with by the Criminal Investigation Brigade, the complaint must relate to the “attempted murder”.

Lourenço Furtado, the protagonist in the violent beating scene, whose video recording has already been widely publicized, has already told JM that there was no member of the police forces to intervene. However, he assumed that the authorities have already contacted each other to ascertain the contours.

The aggressor admitted to JM that he was sorry, “having a hard time” and “suffering the consequences”. He even revealed that he was the target of death threats and that the incidents originated in provocations related to the game Benfica – FC Porto.

Two situations that Diogo Silva’s relatives face outright. Firstly, because the case will follow the legal procedures in the face of the “attempted murder”, any threat being denied. “The victim’s family is dealing with the authorities, nothing more.”

Regarding the motive of the violence scene, JM found that it was not related to football. “There was an uncle who wanted to take his niece home, which Lourenço prevented. When Diogo wanted to help, he was beaten to false faith and the rest is what the video shows. ”

Unlike Lourenço Furtado, the victim has no history of violence. “The family is shocked by what they saw in the video and expects the authorities to act in the face of so much evidence.” What is already being done, especially in the face of an eventual attempt to escape abroad.

Taken from JM

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