Portugal and Madeira now have conditions and restrictions in place as the country declared a state of emergency Thursday.

There have been warnings leading up to this with several notices requesting that all persons who are not resident return to their own countries. During this time, flights have been repatriating citizens already. There have been changes to schedules, flights cancelled and much worry caused during this time for many people who have wanted to return home.

It now is imperative to make travel arrangements as soon as possible! Please do go on to your government websites and read the information about the current situation if you are still unsure. I cannot stress enough to those of you who have contacted Samantha already with flights booked for April, and that you can say these flights will still exist. THERE IS NO GUARANTEE.

Therefore, please be advised to contact your airline NOW and try to get on an earlier flight home. If you are having problems changing your flight to an earlier date (in the next few days) then please contact Samantha at the email address below. If you want to return home, you need to do this now, anyone who insists on remaining for the next week or so faces the higher risk of having to stay in Madeira for an indefinite period.

Also please let me remind you that while you are still in Madeira and as we are in a state of emergency, the rules of such are to be followed without exception. For more details on the restrictions please look at earlier blog posts where this has been translated into English. Basically stay at home only go our for essential items, medical stuff etc.

Please try and stay calm, we are trying to help and do remember that we have never encountered this situation before, so we are all stuck in this together.

I can speak for the whole island, in that we would never want to have urged our visitors to leave, but the Covid-19 situation took this from our control and your safety and the ability to get home in the middle of this crisis is more important. Please only contact Samantha if you have exhausted all avenues yourselves to find a way home.

Thank you for you cooperation.