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Perfect. The news we wanted to hear.

As of today, all disembarked passengers – resident or not – are directed directly to Quinta do Lorde, for a mandatory 15-day quarantine.

The JM knows that President Miguel Albuquerque made the decision after the negligence recorded this Saturday on flights from the United Kingdom, with passengers being received by family and friends, unaware of the preventive measures.

The printed edition of JM, which will be available shortly on the platform (www.jm-madeira.pt), brings more details of this decision by the Government Council that Miguel Albuquerque will announce today.

Also today, as the JM announced on Friday, Albuquerque will reveal the ‘package’ of socio-economic support that members of the Madeiran Executive have prepared in the last hours for Madeiran families and companies, as a way of minimizing the crisis in which Madeira is also plunged.