The President of the Regional Government announces on Sunday, March 22, 2020, at 7 pm, the first set of extraordinary measures to support companies and families from Madeira and Porto-Santos, within the scope of the contingency plan and response to the outbreak of COVID -19 in the Autonomous Region of Madeira.

Miguel Albuquerque had already announced that the Madeiran Executive was preparing a program of measures to help companies and families to combat the crisis caused by the outbreak of COVID-2019.

In fact, last Wednesday, at Quinta Vigia, he met with members of his Executive, as it was made public, preparing the set of measures in the economic and social areas, to support companies and families from Madeira and Porto-Santense, in order to complement the proposals that have been announced within the scope of the coronavirus mitigation plan.

At the time, a first assessment was made of the measures already introduced, focusing on what will need to be done to leverage the economy and guarantee social rights, in order to, as much as possible, reduce the impact of the coronavirus, and the crisis for it raised, in the Madeiran economy and in the entire population.

Measures that, remember, meet some of the proposals also suggested by businessmen from different areas, but also by different sectors of the Society, following contacts established by members of the Regional Government with Banking, ACIF and other entities.

At 7 pm, the President of the Regional Government will give a press conference, via video conference, where he will announce to the entire population the measures to be implemented immediately.

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