Campo da Barca building closed due to employee infected with Covid-19

The Regional Secretary for Health and Civil Protection reveals, through a press release, that following confirmation of the infection of a male person by Covid-19, on March 22, and in the case of an employee of the building from Campo da Barca, the health delegate from Funchal closed this building as of today, Monday.

“Epidemiological investigation is underway, and in the next few days there will be a disinfection of all spaces in the Campo da Barca building. Employees will be quarantined at home, ”he explains.

Recalls that the Campo da Barca building already had a contingency plan in place for Covid-19, observing the guidelines of the National Health Authority and the respective adaptations to the Autonomous Region of Madeira by the Regional Health Authority and presenting principles, measures and guidelines so that each of the services can more easily develop their own continuity plans.

He adds that the services of the Regional Secretariat for Equipment and Infrastructures, the Regional Secretariat for the Environment and Climate Change and for Housing Investments in Madeira are located in this building.

With about 500 professionals, he says that everyone was informed of the importance of complying with all recommendations as well as proceeding with self-surveillance, and if they have any symptoms, such as cough, fever, or breathing difficulty, they should call the SRS24 line Madeira, 800 242420.

From Diário Notícias