Flower Festival Postponed

The Regional Government decided to postpone the Flower Festival, scheduled for May, until next September. A decision that happens due to the circumstances resulting from the world pandemic with Covid-19. 

In a statement addressed to the press this Wednesday, the regional secretary for Tourism and Culture clarifies that, “in the current framework, there are no conditions to hold the Flower Festival in May, so the Regional Government took the decision to recalendar it for the last summer month ”.

Eduardo Jesus stresses that the intention is “to seek and constitute a moment of relaunch of the destination Madeira, both in the national and international markets”.

The official also says that it is “an inevitable postponement”, at this moment, and that “everything that has already been done up to this point regarding the assembly of this great event and it  will be safeguarded”.

“We are going, above all, to magnify it in the sense of using the Flower Festival as a message of a new cycle, of the inauguration of the reestablishment of conditions for tourism, and also for a great event that is wanted, involving all the population of Madeira ”, stresses Eduardo Jesus.

The next edition of the Flower Festival, in September, “intends to be a great, that can restore confidence, well-being and happiness to people, whether residents or visitors”, concludes the minister in a note of hope.

According to the latest information from IASAÚDE, so far 30 suspected cases of coronavirus have been recorded in Madeira, 25 of which have been negative, one positive and four awaiting laboratory results.

From Diário Notícias

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