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The Government Council, meeting in plenary session, today took a set of decisions to support families and businesses. The full statement follows.

– The Regional Government, attentive to the concerns raised by the Regional Public Health and, in order to combat the spread of the Pandemic in the Autonomous Region of Madeira, as well as the impossibility of the health authorities to follow the scrupulous compliance with the rules by each citizen meanwhile landed at the Airport Cristiano Ronaldo determines:

From 00:00 hours on March 23, mandatory confinement for all passengers disembarked at the Airports in Madeira, in a hotel requested by the Regional Government, with the exception of only patients being treated and duly authorized by the Regional Health Authorities.

This is a determination with knowledge and consent of the President of the Republic, which aims to contain the chain of transmission of the disease in the Autonomous Region of Madeira.

– The Regional Government of Madeira, in view of the very serious situation of economic paralysis resulting from the Pandemic originated by COVID-19, informs that it will implement a set of measures for social, economic and financial support to citizens, families, companies and entrepreneurs in our Region.

These measures, approved today at the Extraordinary Council of the Government, are a complement to the measures already announced for regional support, as well as all those that already apply at the national level.

Further support measures from the Regional Government are being prepared and will be announced over the next week in order to benefit and support as many citizens and families, businesses and economic activities as possible.

 Rent from Housing Spaces and rent from non-housing spaces from the Government or Regional Public Entities

  1. Exemption from all housing rents for April, May and June 2020;
  2. Exemption from all non-housing rents for April, May and June 2020;
  3. Suspension of collection, in April, May and June 2020, of payment plans or debt settlement agreements for housing or non-housing rents, loan instalments, housing or non-housing surfaces, or other arrears.

These measures cover around 18,000 people in housing programs and 89 companies and associations in non-housing spaces, for a global amount of 1,250,000 Euros.

 Reinforced Social Support

  1. Creation of an Emergency Fund for social support, for the population of Madeira and Porto Santo, in the amount of

5 Million Euros.

  1. 500 thousand euros reinforcement of support to needy families, namely in food and medicines.
  2. Reinforcement of technicians from Linha Maior 65, aimed at minimizing loneliness for the elderly and responding to their pressing needs

Major Line 65: 800 20 25 65

Hours: every day from 9:00 am to 0:00 am

 In the area of ​​Companies (Social Security) and Employment

  1. Temporary suspension of payments of instalment plans for the settlement of debts to social security, until 30 June 2020.

This measure covers about 10 thousand taxpayers

  1. The Madeira Employment Institute will suspend the collection, in April, May and June 2020, of payment plans for non-compliance with active employment measures.
  2. Between March 14th and April 13th, exceptionally, participants in the internship and occupational programs of the Madeira Employment Institute will have their absences justified and will not have any penalty on the scholarship / monthly compensation.
  1. Support for families in the context of tuition fees from educational establishments

Bearing in mind that the payment of tuition fees in Public and Private Education establishments should take place by the 8th of April next, the Government has decided:

  1. In the month of April, there will be no place for any monthly payment at daycare centres and public and private schools.
  2. To ensure liquidity and payment of salaries in private establishments, the Government will maintain contractual conditions and compensate these establishments for financial losses resulting from non-payment of monthly fees.

NOTE: the amounts paid by families, in relation to food in schools and which were not used in March, will be deducted from the next payment when it occurs.

These support measures for families will have an estimated impact of 3 Million Euros and cover about 15,000 students.

Support to Companies and Individual Entrepreneurs

The Regional Government, through the Secretariat of Economy, approved the establishment of a Treasury Support Line for regional companies, in an amount up to 100 Million Euros, with a 0% interest rate subsidy with a 12-month capital grace period.

This is an exclusive support line for Madeira companies, including individual entrepreneurs, regardless of the support lines approved by the Government of the Republic.

The Support Line will be made available by the IDE, through the adherent Banking Institutions, with its operationality expected within 15 days.

Other Measures:

Support measures for companies located in the Business Parks of RAM

Companies located in Business Parks in the Region will benefit from an exemption from rent payments in April, May and June 2020.

Regional Government concession entities

All establishments or companies with concessions granted by the Regional Government are exempt from paying rents and fees for leased / concessioned spaces, in April, May and June 2020.

Entities related to APRAM / Ports of Madeira

Companies in the tourist entertainment sector, maritime tourist activity, restaurant companies, activities located in the Funchal and Porto Santo marinas, as well as in the São Lázaro Recreational Pier, are exempt from paying fees between the 31st of March and the May 31, 2020.

As I said, the Regional Government will, over the next week, take measures to support other sectors, namely:

  1. Individual entrepreneurs / professionals with exclusive income in category B (green receipts)
  2. Agriculture
  3. Livestock
  4. Fisheries
  5. And other activities in our social and economic life.
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