Madeira Government ceases flights from countries where there is active transmission

The Regional Government ordered the cessation of flights from countries where there is active transmission of the coronavirus at airports in Madeira and Porto Santo.

The order was given by Miguel Albuquerque who this afternoon presented more measures of recommendation, contingency and response to support citizens and companies in the face of the new coronavirus.

In relation to the airports in the Autonomous Region of Madeira, and with the aim of safeguarding the public health of the population, “it is an ethical imperative on my part to determine the cessation of air connection operations originating in all countries with positive cases and referred by WHO, with active community transmission as soon as possible, said at the press conference, adding that “the cessation should take place within seven days until further evaluation”.

The President of the Government also said that the “indispensable contacts with the Government of the Republic” have already been made for the implementation of this measure and that they await only the authorization of the national authorities.

On the occasion, the minister explained the measures already underway, temperature measurement and an investigation, at Madeira airport and Porto Santo. Measures that were already anticipated for today, since they were expected to start only next Monday.