Madeira Private Hospital installs coronavirus-related screening and containment unit

The Hospital Particular da Madeira, belonging to the HPA Group, is installing a tent at the entrance to the unit, designed to carry out a screening and containment procedure to prevent the pandemic of the new coronavirus.

The facility, similar to that of other hospitals in the country, is intended to receive all people who go to the hospital. An investigation will be carried out and the suspected cases may be contained.

The objective, as Alexandre Gonçalinho, of the hospital’s administration, justifies, is to ensure that all patients who are in the hospital for consultations, surgeries, treatments or inpatient treatment “are safe”. Preventive measures should also be adopted by Madeira Medical Center, of the same group.

The objective is to collaborate in the “national effort” to contain the pandemic and “mitigate” its effects.

From Diário Notícias