See the Stars in Ponta do Sol Tonight

We have decided to stay in Madeira a bit longer.
The moonless nights are here again! So we continue..
• Telescopic observation: planet Venus, double stars, star clusters, nebulae, galaxies, planetary nebulae
• Orientation on the night sky and Constellations
• Basics of variable stars research – Betelgeuze as an example
A special night to enjoy it with the family, friends or your partner
Please click GOING on the Facebook if you would like to attend.
Through your donation we have been able to continue doing educational programs for local children and help the astronomy in Ponta do Sol to be sustainable. We are thrilled to have your support!
One of the best visual observers and photometrists, a professional astronomer from Slovakia Pavol A. Dubovský & his team.
English, Spanish, Russian.

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