Make Bolo do Caco with Luis

My good friend Luis Filipe broadcast live on Facebook yesterday how to make traditional Bolo do Caco.

If you want to have a go at home, the ingredients are below in Portugues and I translated to English.

You can follow along with Luis in the video as many did on the live stream and then posted their results in the comments. Below I have a galley of peoples results.

PT-Caso alguém queira fazer ao mesmo tempo que eu por vídeo chamada terão de ter a mão os seguintes ingredientes ; Farinha , Batata doce ( assada), sal, fermento ( preferência em pó) e um alguidar ou algo parecido, irei usar uma chapa eléctrica para cozer o bolo do caco ,vocês como opção teem a frigideira ou em último caso forno !

EN-If someone wants to do it at the same time as Luis by video call, they must have the following ingredients at hand; 1 liter cold water, 2kg Flour, 200g sweet potatoes (roasted and skin removed), 50g salt, 50g dry powder yeast, a bowl or something like that. He used an electric plate to bake the Bread, you as an option have the frying pan or in the last case oven! Look in the gallery below to see how some people baked theirs. Note he only put 1 kg of flour in at first then added more as needed.

Please let me know if you try this and send me photos of your finished Bolo do Caco, Don’t forget the garlic butter.

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