Only one visitor at a time per patient and with control at the entrance to Hospital do Funchal

The Regional Health Service (SESARAM) decided to take more containment measures due to the coronavirus and will restrict visits to Hospital Dr. Nélio Mendonça. According to Margarida Câmara, president of the Coronavirus Commission, only one visitor at a time, for each patient, will be allowed, and only after responding to an epidemiological survey.

“All people who had a history of origin in a region where there is community transmission are prevented from entering the institution, due to the risk of transmitting the disease to people who are hospitalized,” he said to DIÁRIO, on the sidelines of the visit to the new hospitalization area of people infected with Covid-19.

In addition, just as DIÁRIO had already advanced in its print edition today , a restraint is being requested so that visitors do not transport personal objects inside the hospital, in order to avoid contamination.

This information should be communicated to the population even today.

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