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Tobacco shops and kiosks in Madeira also close and are prevented from selling newspapers, following the new restrictions package announced by the Regional Government. A measure that aims to annul one more of the potential foci of propagation of Covid-19 and that, despite the high losses that directly cause to JM, deserve our total agreement.

To the readers who habitually looked for the JM in tobacconists and kiosks, or in the ‘cafes’ and snack bars, we remind you that you have the possibility to subscribe to receive the JM at home, comfortably and without the need for any travel. Just go to www.jm-madeira.pt, in the SUBSCRIBER area and choose the subscription mode and period. You can choose to receive the JM early in the morning, at the address you specify, or make an Online subscription.

At the same time, Readers will also be able to obtain their copy from supermarkets and petrol stations – which are still open – in which the number of JM copies will be increased as of Tuesday.

From JM