Summery Codiv-19 Madeira.

Summary of the press conference given by the Regional Health Secretary Dr. Pedro Ramos and the Vice President of IASaude, Dr. Bruna Gouveia, TODAY – Friday – March 26 at 6:00 pm

> Cristiano Ronaldo offers 5 fans to the regional health service. Other entities and individuals are also in solidarity and are helping the Regional Health Service;

> Request for solidarity from all Madeirans so that they do not socially discriminate against those who suffer most from this situation;

> People with positive covid19, when they are at home, do not cause danger to others, as long as they comply with the measures imposed by health services and professionals;

Of the total of 144 suspected cases to date:

-> 119 had a negative result.
-> 24 positive cases (3 more than yesterday)

(9 males and 15 females)

(5 are under the age of 29, 1 between 40 and 49, 4 people between 50 and 59 years old, 8 between 60 and 69 years old and 6 patients between 70 and 79 years old);

(20 live in Madeira and 4 are Dutch tourists);
Regarding the 20 residents: 13 are from Funchal, 5 from Câmara de Lobos and 2 from Ponta de Sol;

(1 patient only in the covid treatment area19 at the Dr. Nélio mendonça hospital without the need for intensive care, 19 are in isolation at home and 4 at the quinta do lorde hotel unit, occupying an independent floor);

(Transmission areas: 5 from the Netherlands, 3 from the United Arab Emirates, 2 from the United Kingdom, 1 person from Spain, 6 from mainland Portugal (Lisbon and Tagus valley), 1 from northern Portugal, 1 from France and 5 cases of transmission local (4 are from the connection with the patient in the case imported from Spain – a family and 1 through contact with a patient with a transmission link to Lisbon and the Tagus valley;)

-> 1 suspected case awaiting laboratory results;

> It is worth mentioning 135 tests carried out on the ‘guests of quinta do lorde’ which resulted in a positive covid19 case, which is accounted for above;

> 694 people to be monitored and under active surveillance, 11 of whom are health professionals. They are all duly accompanied, with the necessary support;

> 1358 people in self-surveillance. (Passive surveillance);

> 80 people in dedicated accommodation – mandatory quarantine – 25 in Porto Santo and 55 in the reed; (add to the 4 tourists who are in isolation)

> 110 calls to the SRS24 line since the last balance, totaling 4138 calls since the line was activated;

A call for unity. #We are together.

Stay at home. Please!

A big thanks to Daniel Caires for this and a straight translation.