The JM domain on the internet has been the victim of an uninterrupted computer attack since Friday morning.

The digital platform faces a cyber attack that consists of communicating more than one million hits in a few seconds, a situation that has the sole purpose of disabling our computer system. The cyber attack did not take over any data from the company JM.

At this point, after identifying the problem, the ACIN technical team, which assures assistance to the JM, managed to reactivate the site, although some constraints remain. We were forced to momentarily block access to all IPs outside Portugal and we also lost automatic communication between the site and our Facebook page.

We are working to be able to return to normal soon.

The incident is being investigated by the CNCS-National Center for Cybersecurity.

Also today, the domain was the target of a similar attack, seriously damaging access to news information in Madeira.

In view of the communication problems between the website and facebook, we request that our readers in the national space go to to access the information with the JM brand and we promise to everyone who is abroad that we will solve the problem with the utmost urgency.