Major events are banned in Madeira until at least August

IASaúde sent a circular to all local authorities, public and private entities in Madeira advising that all shows, festivals and large events scheduled for this summer will have to be postponed or canceled up to 90 days after the end of the state of emergency. This means that, with the extension of the decree until 2 May, these events will not be able to take place legally until the beginning of August this year, the most likely being that during that same month there will also be no festivities involving large clusters. in the region. And proof of this is that the São Vicente Festivities, scheduled for the end of August, will be canceled, just as the DIARY has already advanced .

In the circular to which DIÁRIO had access – and which is signed by the president of IASaúde, Herberto Jesus – it can be read that it is determined “the postponement or cancellation of the performance of all shows, festivals and other mass events” in the Autonomous Region from Madeira “in order to avoid clusters of people, highly enhancing the transmission and spread of the infectious disease covid-19”.

“In the case of the possibility of rescheduling of shows, festivals or mass events” the organization of the events “must take place from the 90th working day following the end of the state of emergency”, being certain that “the period of interdiction established it may be subject to reassessment according to the evolution of the epidemiological situation”, that is, the state of emergency may still be the object of an extension.

Thus, the fact that the Regional Government has announced the postponement of the Flower Festival to September and has made it understood, as a warning sign, that events that would bring together large groups of people until the completion of that which is one of the biggest tourist posters in the region. Asked at the penultimate press conference by DIÁRIO, on April 6, Miguel Albuquerque said that the Flower Festival would be held “within the best scenarios”. And he insisted on repeating: “Within the best scenarios”.