Quiz Answers – How did you all do?

Below are the answers to the quiz that I posted on Sunday. Let us know how you did in the comments below.

1. Beginning with the letter ‘T’ what record-breaking thing weighed in at 419Kg in Funchal this week?
1. Tuna


2. Which Madeiran statesman shares his name with a city in New Mexico?
2. Miguel Albuquerque

3. Elisa Silva from Ponta do Sol was due to represent Portugal at which event this year?
3. Eurovision Song Contest

4. Cristiano Ronaldo played for which Madeiran football team before moving to Sporting Lisbon for £1,500?
4. Nacional


5. What is the current name of one of the oldest Funchal hotels which first opened in 1891?
5. Belmond Reid’s Palace

6. In what year did Captains Zarco and Vaz Teixeira discover the Madeiran archipelago?
6. 1418 (1419 also accepted)


7. In which Funchal restaurant can you order a Steinbeck, a Proust or a Freud?
7. Restaurante Hemingway

8. Which local beverage was drunk at the toast to the US Declaration of Independence?
8. Madeira wine

9. What is the Portuguese name for the generic alcohol which is the key ingredient of the Madeiran drink Poncha?
9. Aguardente de Cana

10. What is the Portuguese name for the mixing tool used to make Poncha which translates as ‘little cock’?
10. Caralhinho

11. Pastel de nata is a sweet egg tart pastry traditionally dusted with which spice?
11. Cinnamon


12. Beginning and ending with the letter ‘T’ what unexpected species is farmed high up in Ribeiro Frio?
12. Trout

13. In Kilometers, how long is the spectacular Praia do Porto Santo?
13. 9 Km

14. The Ilhas Desertas are home to a rare spider not found anywhere else in the world. Which predator is it named after?
14. Wolf

15. What is the name of the highest point of the Madeiran archipelago?
15. Pico Ruivo

16. To the nearest 100 miles, how many miles of levada are there on Madeira?
16. 1,350 miles

17. Where is this arch?
17. Seixal

18. What is the name of this rock?
18. Ilheus da Rib (Ilheuzinho also accepted)

19. Which park is this?
19. Parque de Santa Catarina

20. What is the name of this island or its group?
20. Savage or Salvage Islands (Salvagem Grande)