LIDL reviews market entry dates in the Region

The distribution chain does not announce new dates, but the first stores, despite being licensed, are not moving forward yet.

Reorganize is the word chosen by LIDL’s communication office to describe the current situation of investments in Madeira.

In response to Antena 1, the food distribution chain confirms that it is reviewing the expansion plan to the Autonomous Region. The reasons are the economic and financial context experienced in recent months, at national and international level.

At no point does the chain confirm its intention to reduce investments. What will change is the calendar, as the first LIDL brand store was about to open in Madeira later this year.

LIDL is also grateful for the commitment of the regional authorities, government and chambers, but it does not matter when the investments will become a reality.

At stake is the opening of four stores. According to information made public a few days ago by Funchal City Council, two spaces have already completed the licensing process: the Caminho do Poço Barral store, in the former AKI, and the store on Avenida Mário Soares.

To conclude are two other licenses. On Rua Dr. Pita it will be necessary to suspend an article from the PDM to allow for a larger store and on Largo da Cruz Vermelha it is also necessary to adapt the project to the different classification levels of the buildings.

From RTP Madeira