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The Regional Equipment and Infrastructure Secretary (SREI) today reassessed the collapse of the access ramp to the Ribeira de Santa Luzia regularisation and canalisation works – which fell yesterday as a result of heavy rainfall in the Region – and concluded that there was no damage on the walls that flank it, nor damage to the works already completed or partially executed.

In addition, the technicians also found that, “although some areas need consolidation, this does not jeopardise the overall stability of the support wall of the stream and the adjacent municipal road, a situation that should remain unchanged with the current weather conditions and maintenance or decrease in the hydraulic flow of the stream ”.

“This situation justifies, however, a constant monitoring, in order to verify eventual evolution that justifies additional measures, as has been the habit, in the development of the works”, reinforced the referred secretary.

He also recalled that “the works that are taking place, to date, suspended due to the state of emergency that we are going through, aim, in addition to increasing the flow section, the protection and stabilisation of the foundations of the existing walls. 

To the Diário, SREI also revealed that due to the heavy rainfall in the last days, the SREI River Hydraulics Service has already carried out a global survey of the main streams in the Region, “with nothing to report with regard to any silting up that would impair normal flow. stream flow ”.

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