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Members of the Judiciary Police and a PSP brigade for criminal investigation are currently at Rua da Olaria, in Garajau, investigating a case of alleged homicide.

A JM reporting team at the scene found that the alert was given by a nephew of the 62-year-old man, found dead at his residence.

The relative was faced with a tragic scenario. The victim was in the bathtub, tied and with clear signs of having suffered a violent death.

After notifying the authorities, it was also found that the car of the deceased was not in the usual place and its whereabouts is still unknown.

The man, known in the area for being a cordial and affable person, is quite popular in Caniço, which ends up, in the opinion of the residents, further deepening the mystery.

At this time, criminal investigations continue and many curious people have traveled to Rua da Olaria, but are soon faced with a security perimeter set up by police authorities.

From Jornal Madeira

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