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The director general of Easyjet in Portugal, José Lopes, said yesterday that the resumption of the company’s activity in our country is very dependent on the elimination of the quarantine imposed on passengers arriving in Madeira and therefore suggested “the elimination of these barriers to connectivity ”.

“There are cross-quarantines for all passengers arriving in Madeira when we do not have them in mainland Portugal, which is a real barrier to domestic traffic,” said the manager in an online debate promoted by Publituris. According to José Lopes, “the markets most likely to start operating are domestic”, with “the strongest domestic market being the Lisbon-Funchal connection, and unfortunately, in Madeira, we have restrictions that go beyond those we have on the continent” . “The feedback we are getting is that the following line will be this, with restrictions above what will be implemented in mainland Portugal and Europe. We hope that it does not materialize, and that there is a unification of the measures, because this would be, from the outset, one of the markets with the greatest potential for a start in the first phase ”, added the spokesperson for Easyjet.

The low-cost travel company suspended calls to Madeira on 17 March, due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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