Maritime-tourist companies in Porto Santo and Funchal do not pay fees for the use of marinas until the summer of 2021

Pedro Calado announced this afternoon, after a meeting with the Mayor of Porto Santo City Council, that the Madeiran executive will grant a moratorium for the payment of fees due for the use of the Porto Santo Marina and the Funchal Pier, by the sector of maritime-tourist activities. The vice-president of the Regional Government was sensitive to the demands of businessmen in the sector and decided to grant one more benefit by allowing the fees for the months of June to December this year, for the use of the public maritime domain, under the jurisdiction of the Administration of Madeira Ports can be paid from the second half of 2021, taking advantage of the summer of 2020 and 2021.

According to the minister, the arguments presented by the sector are understandable and, therefore, the Regional Government decided to grant this benefit to entrepreneurs linked to maritime-tourist activities, in order to help them also in this period of economic recovery.

Aid that, as Pedro Calado recalled, reinforces the support that has already been granted by APRAM, in the scope of measures to deal with the effect of the pandemic covid-19, which exempted the payment of these fees during the months of March, April and may. Together, these two measures will correspond to support exceeding 100 thousand euros

As the vice-president said, “these aids make perfect sense, as it is a sector of activity strongly dependent on the arrival of tourists in the Region, so these measures will allow operators to pay the fees for the second half of 2020, only in the second half of next year, that is, during the high season, at a time when we all hope that the tourist flow, returns, whether in Madeira or Porto Santo, is already close to or even 100% ”.

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