The Island starts to open up….

So the Island starts to open up. The Mandatory Quarantine will probably end this month, and I have one question about the quarantine. Those who went to hotels were tested before they left. Those who had a test in the country they were leaving from, were allowed to do two weeks quarantine at home, but no test given before they were allowed to leave home. So in my opinion what is the point of this. So those people couldn’t have picked it up on their travels to the airport, stopping in a different country, then on to Madeira??? Could have had the virus but showed negative when tested, and could well then be positive with no symptoms for a while, freely walking around infecting others. I just don’t understand this. If they were positive, whose fault would it have been when all the cases shot up again??? That’s easy to answer the Governments.  Also if you wanted to have a test you couldn’t, not even to pay for one yourself, just to make sure.

I cant wait to see results when tourists start coming. We need to start getting on with life or keep the whole island closed indefinite.

Lidos Open but will have two opening times

The lido will open tomorrow but will have two opening times 9am-1pm and then 3pm-7pm during the two hours closed they will disinfect the place before reopening in the afternoon.

Loja do Cidadão Opens Monday

As a result of the lack of measures and gradual reopening of commerce and public services announced by the Regional Government, the Loja do Cidadão da Madeira will reopen next Monday, May 18, informs the Vice-Presidency, who oversees the store, in a statement. sent to newsrooms.

In the communiqué, the government predicts that there will be “a great demand in the first days” of opening to the public, so it asks users to use the services “only for urgent and calls”.

In this sense, it advises users to privilege the use of digital platforms to access public services, either for the direct resolution of requests or for the scheduling of services, whenever possible.

Bars and Restaurants open Monday

The decision was confirmed today at the Regional Government Council.

However, as it is a very specific area, the resolution issued after the meeting at Quinta Vigia refers to an attachment, not yet published, the conditions under which this reopening will take place.

Even so, JM knows that both bars and restaurants will be able to reopen from May 18th through a vast set of rules that include the distance between tables, customer limits depending on the spaces, use of masks and other rules that are about to be published.

Cable Cars open Monday

Today it was decided by the Government Council to reopen the cable car activity from May 18th.

The reopening requires that the cabins be used individually, with the exception of families and accompanying minors.

The use of a mask is mandatory, either by customers or by employees of the cable car companies, as well as the disinfection of hands before entering the cabin, as well as periodic disinfection of the cabin.

Sea Tours open

The Government Council today decided to authorize the activity of maritime-tour operators.

The restart of the activity is, however, subject to the condition of compliance with the following obligations:

  1. Except for small boats without an engine and jet skis, other boats will only be able to transport up to 70% of their maximum capacity or less if necessary to ensure the safe social distance between customers;
  2. Provide hand hygiene product, without prejudice to its use at the entrance to the vessel;
  3. Use of protective mask by customers and employees;
  4. Cleaning and disinfection of the interior of the vessel after each service.

The Government has also decided that the organization and carrying out of recreational, sporting or cultural activities, by tourist entertainment companies or by travel and tourism agencies that are configured as cultural tourism activities or outdoor tourism, pedestrian or transported, may be made as long as the rules in force for each of the visiting places are complied with and:

  1. Motor vehicles can only carry up to 70% of their maximum capacity, and when the car is light, only the driver can use the front seats;
  2. Provide hand hygiene product, without prejudice to its mandatory use at the entrance of the vehicle;
  3. Use of protective mask by customers and employees;
  4. Cleaning and disinfection of the vehicle interior after each service.

The Casino opens Wednesday 20th

The reopening of Casino da Madeira is allowed from the 20th of May 2020.

The process is conditioned to the fulfilment of safety measures, with regard to the use of personal protective equipment, social distance and health security.

Stands and Fairs open Monday

The Government approved today the measures of lack of definition related to the exercise of retail trade activities in stalls, fairs and mobile sales units, of food products, beverages, tobacco, textiles, clothing, footwear, bags and the like, as of the next day May 18th.

Rent a Car companies open

The Regional Government revoked today the resolutions that suspended the activity of car rental promoted by the rent-a-car in the Autonomous Region of Madeira.

The activity resumes now but under the following conditions:

Maintain social distance in hiring and delivering the vehicle;

Mandatory use of Personal Protective Equipment for employees and customers;

Obligation to disinfect the vehicles before delivery of the vehicle;

Make available and disseminate IASAUDE preventive measures and contacts in several languages.



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