EasyJet resumes flights to Madeira from 1 July

This news has just come in now, but reading some of your comments and emails I have had, it seems easyjet have taken down all flight bookings for July.

I had an email yesterday saying British Airways have cancelled the flight for the beginning of July, and now people are getting cancelled flights from easyjet.

Have you had flights cancelled????

I’m wondering if we will start hearing this from Jet2 as well.

This is the news in the Diário Notícias this morning.

EasyJet will resume flights to Madeira, starting on July 1st.

In Portugal, the airline will operate in 50 destinations, in July, and 59, in August, to and from the four main airports, namely Lisbon, Porto, Faro and Madeira.

EasyJet announces that it will fly up to three quarters of its usual route network in July and August. To coincide with the massive start of flights, the airline launches the biggest sale ever, with over one million seats for holiday destinations across Europe, for just 29.99 euros, for trips between 1 July and October 31, 2020.

“We are pleased to announce that we will be traveling on most of our routes across Europe, which means that customers can still reach their chosen destination for this year’s summer vacation,” said José Lopes, general manager of EasyJet Portugal.

“Our main objective is to help our customers fly again, which is why we offer a million seats for 29.99 euros for those planning to book a holiday this summer. Travel restrictions are being lifted and demand is starting to return, so there is no better time to launch this campaign ”, he continued.

EasyJet will implement a series of measures developed jointly with aviation authorities, EASA and ICAO and at national level to help ensure the safety and well-being of passengers and crew.

These measures also include improved cleaning and disinfection of aircraft and the requirement that passengers and crew must wear masks. Customers will be able to practice social distance at airports, at gates and during boarding. On board, and whenever possible, the crew will invite passengers to distance themselves from customers who do not belong to the same group when seats are available.

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