Author of habeas corpus released by IASaúde after negative test

Health Authority ‘anticipated’ the court’s decision releasing the lady from habeas corpus based on the negative result of the Covid test yesterday afternoon.

The applicant is now going to solitary confinement at home, as she had already proposed to the regional authorities on Sunday when disembarking at Madeira Cristiano Ronaldo International Airport. At the time, he opposed confinement in a hotel, proposing three alternatives: confinement at home, testing Covid (she admitted to paying the cost of the same), or returning to Lisbon.

The lawyer who ensured the diligence, Maria João Nepomuceno to reveal the details of the decision, after together with the author of the habeas corpus, she was present to the judge Susana Mão de Ferro.

The lawyer António Franco Fernandes, who, was not in court this morning, because he was outside the Region.

From Diário Notícias

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