Man barricaded himself with a kitchen knife in a restaurant in Funchal’s historic center

A man, armed with a bladed weapon, barricaded himself in a restaurant in the historic center of Funchal, late Tuesday afternoon. After some moments of great apprehension, the individual was transported to the hospital to be evaluated psychologically.

According to the DIÁRIO, the individual, head waiter of  a restaurant on Rua de Santa Maria, was already quite disgusted with his professional situation, aggravated by the economic crisis that is affecting the restaurant sector, which is still in the process of lack of definition after the forced stop, caused by the pandemic.

In a deserted tourist street and where open-door restaurants are counted by the fingers of a hand, the head waiter was visibly aghast and quite angry with the boss, with his professional situation and with the financial difficulties in which the sector is immersed. 

According to witnesses, the man suddenly broke the glass window of the establishment on the side of Rua de Santa Maria and then locked himself inside, armed with a kitchen knife, threatening to end his life.

The situation generated great apprehension in the place and was a neighbour who alerted the PSP who immediately placed three vehicles on Rua D. Carlos I, mobilizing a large police contingent and a team of negotiators who, after a few minutes of conversation, convinced the man letting go of the knife and leaving the space, preventing him from doing any harm.

The man was meanwhile transported in an ambulance to the Dr. Nélio Mendonça hospital to be psychologically evaluated, given the signs of depression he had been showing.

From Diário Notícias

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