PS calls Albuquerque and businessmen to Parliament to “explain pressures and favours”

The Socialist Party will request that the president of the Regional Government and businessmen Avelino Farinha and Luís Miguel de Sousa go to the Madeiran Parliament, to “provide clarification on the accusations made by deputy Sérgio Marques regarding the executive favoring economic groups and giving in to pressure “, revealed Sérgio Gonçalves today, following a press conference held next to the Government building.

This morning, the president of the PS-M, quoted in a press release. classified as “extremely serious” the statements related to “the Government’s concession to pressure from businessmen”, the “invented works” and the “crazy investments made by Development Societies”.

As stated by Sérgio Gonçalves, this is “a situation that deserves due scrutiny, which is why the PS has already submitted a request to the Legislative Assembly of Madeira for the constitution of a commission of inquiry”.

Taking into account the seriousness of the accusations, the leader of the socialists said that “the PS will call Miguel Albuquerque to provide clarifications to the deputies and, above all, to the people of Madeira”. Likewise, he said that the targeted businessmen, Avelino Farinha, Luís Miguel de Sousa, as well as directors of Tecnovia and Sociedades de Desenvolvimento, will be asked to go to Parliament.

It is, as the socialist underlined, “an extremely important topic” and that “the PS will not let it fall into oblivion, however much Miguel Albuquerque wants to hide or avoid it”.

The president of the PS-M also stressed the fact that we are facing “statements from a senior PSD member, from a former leader who even felt targeted by these pressures and by this concession by the president of the Regional Government to certain interests” , which is why he says it is “extremely important that Miguel Albuquerque clarify whether or not he was pressured and whether these situations continue to exist”.

“The Madeirans do not want a weak government, permeable to external pressures and that gives in to all these types of influences that, apparently, Sérgio Marques wanted to denounce”, he concluded.

From Diário Notícias