Albuquerque against the anticipation of school holidays

President of the Regional Government is against what is being said on the continent regarding the early closure of schools for Christmas holidays, following the renewal of the State of Emergency.

According to the head of the Madeiran executive, educational establishments in the Region “are strictly complying with the procedures and rules” of the Regional Health Authority and therefore “if we anticipate school holidays, that is, if we end sooner schools have a problem immediately. Parents have to stay home, children return home and can be in contact with older siblings who return from the continent and we will have a loss of control of the situation “.

We believe that the early closure of classes would be counterproductive, as this would lead to a loss of control over a situation that is currently being monitored and which we have been able to follow. Obviously we are always subject to circumstances that we do not control and if a more complicated outbreak occurs we will have to do so.

Miguel Albuquerque, President of the Regional Government of Madeira
For the President of the Regional Government, at this moment “one of the best ways to keep the situation under control and prevent the spread of the pandemic is to keep our students in class and teachers to teach”, he explained on the sidelines of the inauguration of a new street layout. connection between Praça CR7 and the Port of Funchal.

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