North Coast of Madeira has recorded in the last days the highest maximum temperatures of the Archipelago

The last few days have been particularly hot in towns located near the seafront on the north coast of Madeira. On three of the five days of the mini-vacation period between the 10th of June and Sunday, the 14th, São Vicente and Porto Moniz recorded the highest air temperatures in the Madeira Archipelago.

On the first holiday, on the 10th, the highest maximum temperature in the North was recorded in Porto Moniz (23.4ºC), the second highest value of the day in the Region. The following day, a holiday, Porto Moniz reached a yellow warning value for the North Coast with the highest temperature of the day in Madeira (25.1ºC). After the mild Friday, Porto Moniz repeated on Saturday, the 13th, the same value as the day before (25.1ºC), again the highest temperature of the day in all the weather stations (20) of the IPMA in the Region. It was even hotter this Sunday on the north side of Madeira. If in Porto Moniz the temperature rose to 25.8ºC, the extreme maximum temperature would be registered in São Vicente, where the maximum temperature reached 26.4ºC, the highest value of the last week in the entire archipelago.

During the five days of these mini-vacations, the north coast of Madeira recorded in three days (days 11, 13 and 14) the highest air temperature in the entire archipelago, and in another (day 10) the second highest value. It also added to this mark four records with yellow warning parameter for warm weather on the North coast.

From Diário Notícias