Flights between Azores and Madeira resumed today, after three months without connections

The airline SATA resumes today the connections between Ponta Delgada and Madeira, interrupted in the last three months due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The first of four weekly flights from the Azorean capital is scheduled to arrive at Madeira Airport at 12:10 pm on Monday.

Today, SATA also resumes connections between the Portuguese continent and the islands of São Miguel and Terceira, leaving TAP to be the only company to make connections to the archipelago in the current pandemic scenario.

As of today, indicated the Regional Government as a shareholder of SATA, “air passenger transport connections with the Portuguese mainland are resumed, gradually and gradually”, with July 15 being set as the “deadline for the normalization ”of the operation to the islands of Santa Maria, Pico and Faial, which receive flights from Lisbon, under public service obligations.

Despite the expected increase in travel in the near future, the Azorean executive will maintain the requirement to test the covid-19 on arrival in the archipelago, until July 1, but on the islands of São Miguel and Terceira, From Diário Notícias the result will be known in 12 hours.

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