The PCP carried out today, in the center of the city of Funchal, an action of contact with workers, with the objective of affirming that “in times of pandemic, labor rights were not quarantined”.

On that occasion, PCP deputy Ricardo Lume said that “the social situation in this Region is becoming dramatic for thousands of people” and recalled that despite the need to “fight and liquidate the virus”, “it is not acceptable that the virus be used to liquidate rights “.

The PCP ensures that in the Region “there are more and more workers who have not received wages for several months”, one of the problems “enhanced by the pandemic”, but that “already existed in the Region”.

The party, through Ricardo Lume, reports that, in companies in the hospitality sector, “such as Quinta do Lorde, the Quintas da Madeira group, Café Relógio”, as well as in other sectors of activity, “as for example in surveillance (Grupo Provise) “, workers” live the drama of overdue wages “.

The communists also assert that there are also many workers who, being under a lay-off regime, “are faced with overdue wages”. “For this human and social problem the justifications are the most diverse on the part of the employer: that the social security was late in payment or that the credit line of the Regional Government is slow to arrive”, says the PCP, who adds that ” the reality is that it is always the worker who is penalized, without the necessary means to respond to his needs and that of his family “. “In view of this concrete reality, it is important to affirm that the bill for the current crisis cannot fall on workers.

It is in this sense that, for the PCP, “a great campaign in defense of labor rights” in the Region is justified. “Extraordinary measures of a social and economic nature are required to win this huge battle for workers’ rights, in a political battle for social justice”, believes Ricardo Lume.

From Jornal Madeira

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