With two active cases, Madeira is not yet “covid-free”

“Madeira is not yet covid-free”, he said, this Friday, at the opening of the weekly conference of the Institute of Health Administration (IASAÚDE).

The Region remains so with two active cases of covid-19, one of which imported from Lisbon diagnosed yesterday upon arrival in the Region. The other case concerns a resident in the municipality of Câmara de Lobos, who has not yet recovered.

Madeira has counted 91 cases of infection with the new coronavirus since the beginning of the pandemic, with 89 already recovered.

Pedro Ramos, the regional health secretary, recalled the need for recommendations from the Regional Government and health authorities to be followed.

“These conferences also serve to remind people that the recommendations have to be fulfilled in order to be public health agents. These norms cannot be abandoned. Only in this way can we control the situation and fight against a certain loosening of the population,” he said.

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