The Madeira Promotion Association (APM) has just released a video demonstrating the arrival at the airport, after the opening of the destination to Tourism, on July 1st, considering that the operations were a “huge success”.

July 1 marked the reopening of Madeira to tourism and the start of operations at the airport, which includes a Covid-19 test for those who disembark on the island. On the first day, four flights arrived from Lisbon and Porto. That day, 425 passengers arrived in the region, of which 243 were tested at the airport. The tests took an average of less than an hour and all were negative. And, to mark the relaunch of tourism in Madeira, APM launched a video demonstrating the arrival at Cristiano Ronaldo International Airport, within the scope of the ‘Madeira Safe to Discover’ project.

According to Nuno Vale, executive director of the Madeira Promotion Association, the first day of the airport opening with tests on arrival was “a real success. All tests were done in record time and in a friendly environment, where our tourists were treated to some offers. A megastructure was set up at Madeira airport, designed in detail, to provide a good experience in Madeira, since arrival. It is a very big effort that the Region is making, to ensure security for those who visit us and also of our residents, in favour of the success of Destino Madeira. The Region is to be congratulated not only for being practically free of the virus but also for having implemented strict controls at the entrance, in an efficient way, maintaining however the feeling of a good experience tourism “.

It should be remembered that as of July 1, the quarantine regime is replaced by the obligation to submit or perform a test to Covid-19 after landing in Madeira or Porto Santo. Passengers can choose to take the test at their destination, which must be valid for a maximum of 72 hours before arriving on the island or they can take the test at the airport. More than 200 professionals from different services are assigned to the new passenger control system, mostly in the health area, with 60 to 70 professionals remaining at the airport alone.

As a result of this measure, a partnership was also established between the Regional Government of Madeira and NOVA Medical School – NOVA University of Lisbon, through which CEDOC – Center for the Study of Chronic Diseases starts conducting free diagnostic tests COVID-19 a who travel to Madeira departing from Lisbon.

From Jornal Madeira

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