There are 10 people in quarantine, in Porto Santo, because of an infected person who was on vacation on the golden island between the 7th and the 24th of this month, and of which the presenter Jorge Gabriel was one of the close contacts. The presenter himself is in self-isolation back in Lisbon. 

Questioned by JM, Porto Santo’s health delegate, Rogério Correia, confirmed that today 10 contacts were tested close to a tourist, who vacationed on the island and who, on his return to Lisbon, tested positive for covid-19.

The contact group is now quarantining, similarly to Jorge Gabriel, who, as he said on social media, already knows that it has had a negative result, but is fulfilling the necessary confinement period.

Speaking to JM, Rogério Correia said that the tourist in question was tested on arrival at Madeira airport, with a negative result, subsequently traveling to Porto Santo (a trip that, according to Jorge Gabriel, happened two days after arriving in Madeira and was made by sea, in Lobo Marinho).

The tourist arrived on the 7th on the golden island and started to feel sick a few days later, but, according to the health authority, her symptoms would have worsened on her return to the continent.

It was then, at home, in Cascais, that the patient sought medical help and was tested, proving positive for covid-19.

Rogério Correia told JM that the tourist would not have had a very intense social life while she stayed in Porto Santo (where she left on the 24th) and that the close contacts are identified, tested and asymptomatic.

“Right now, there are no positive cases of covid-19 in Porto Santo,” says Rogério Correia, confident that the tests performed will be negative, just like Jorge Gabriel’s.

In view of the virus incubation period (which can last up to 14 days), the doctor admits the possibility that you were infected on the continent, before traveling to Madeira.

From Jornal Madeira