The delay on some flights operated by the airline EasyJet is affecting operations at Cristiano Ronaldo Airport.

Passengers who had flights scheduled to depart in the morning remain stuck waiting for new information.

Contacted by JM, Madeira Airport informed that four EasyJet flights should have arrived this morning, from Lisbon, Porto, Bristol and Gatwick, which are still late. The delay thus affects the departures of four other flights.

In the information provided on the official website of Madeira Airport it is possible to verify that the flights are rescheduled for the afternoon.

I know the Bristol flight was delayed for 4 hours this morning thanks to Melv Roberts letting me know, and asking how the weather was here, as easyjet gave the weather excuse again, and they seem to be using this a lot lately, so not really sure what’s going on, and I didn’t realise it was the same with flights from the mainland as well.