612 flashes illuminated the dawn of this Friday the 13th

Precisely one week after the lightning ‘festival’ that took place in the early morning of last Friday, the 6th, in the region of Madeira (area centered in Funchal with 140 km in diameter), tonight the sky around the Archipelago of Madeira. hundreds of lightning strikes came back to light the sky, having registered 612 electrical discharges during the night, a number that, although significant, was still far from the heavy thunderstorm that occurred eight days ago, where in 8 hours 4,606 rays were recorded.

Of the more than 600 lightning strikes that occurred at dawn on Friday, two-thirds of the discharges (402) were between-clouds or intra-clouds, with the remaining third reaching the ground (210 cloud-land, of which 202 negative and 8 positive), revealed Victor Prior, IPMA regional delegate in Madeira, taking into account the records obtained in real time by the new network of thunderstorm detectors installed in Madeira – Santa do Porto Moniz, Santana and Funchal – and in Porto Santo, last generation that allows improving the weather forecast in the very short term.

I didn’t even realise we had that much lightning last week. 😂

From Diário Notícias