Albuquerque refuses to cancel end-of-year fireworks

Asked if the Government should cancel the pyrotechnic show and invest the money in another area, the government official refused another option than to keep the Party, even if its restricted.

The President of the Regional Government of Madeira rejects any changes to the maintenance plans for the Christmas and New Year’s Eve Party, as far as possible, in the traditional manner. In other words, although there are no ‘market nights’, or a circus or amusement park, the fireworks display at the first chimes of 1st January 2021 will be kept in Funchal.

Asked by a journalist if it made sense to maintain this show in the face of so many constraints to the Madeiran Party, the government official justified that the fire has already been awarded, the tourist package is already sold, is part of our tradition, and therefore “an option we have taken”.

And more, he said that they have to do with other situations, because despite being a  Party with restrictions, it does not prevent people from maintaining the tradition. He said that people can agree or disagree with this option, but it is up to the Government to decide to keep the festivities as close to normal as it is known that there will be many limitations in the usual places of observation of the pyrotechnic spectacle.

Asked if it would not be a good measure to disperse the fireworks in the various counties, avoiding that part of the population outside Funchal, which for the most part has nowhere to see the show other than in the usual places, Albuquerque refused such an option .

What do you think? Should the Fireworks go ahead with so many restrictions for the night.?

Photo from Visit Madeira PT