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“All accessibility has been restored, except in Lombinho, where every effort is being made to open passage way for cars tomorrow,” said this Sunday the Regional Secretariat for Equipment and Infrastructure.

The guardianship of Pedro Fino also informs that the open accesses are conditioned and asks the drivers for precaution, since cleaning works are still ongoing and some sections are weakened.

The Madeira Electricity Company has also restored electricity to all locations that had been affected since this morning.

“The cleaning work will continue and, afterwards, a more intensive assessment of the damage will be carried out”, says the Regional Secretary for Equipment and Infrastructure, Pedro Fino, who visited the various affected parishes, including São Jorge and Arco de São Jorge.

“All the entities involved in the recovery of these parishes are making efforts so that normality can be restored as soon as possible. However, the population is asked to travel on roads still conditioned, only in cases of extreme need”, concludes the minister.

From Jornal Madeira

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